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Invaluable for me. Has helped reset what I need to do and given me the guidance needed.


Look at your career through a different prism with other great and interesting women from diverse backgrounds, in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. It’s a bit like being re-energised with purpose.


I enjoyed the program because it was a small group which felt very comfortable. Amanda is very genuine about wanting to help other women succeed, and very open and sharing of her own experiences. 


I would recommend this program to anyone who is on the director journey but cannot work out how to differentiate themselves from the competition. It has also helped me determine what type of role would suit me.


Women don’t do networking well and often feel it is a task that must be endured. This teaches how to make it natural and not pushy. 


It actually changes the way you think about your approach. Yes, we’re at a point in our career where experience is a given but how do we apply it to other careers and how do we change the discussion about how it is applied.


Opportunity to gain a new perspective, learn new skills, think differently and of course networking in practice. 


Learning from an impressive woman … content was highly relevant and delivered in an engaging way.


Small group learning … with high credibility.