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Episode #1

Tales of the C-Suite: My tale begins when I was a debilitatingly shy schoolgirl, the youngest of six girls in a family that did not see beyond traditional roles for women. Through my own story and my conversations with women in the C-Suite, my new blog explores the secrets to success in the corporate world.

Personal Due Diligence for Aspiring Female Directors

For female executives and professionals, pursuing a career as a director can be a professionally and personally rewarding choice. However, those planning such a transition need to review their career strategy and put in place the appropriate plans well in advance.

Workplace Sexual Harassment, the Power Pinch, and Don’t be One of Those Girls

John Oliver's piece on Workplace Sexual Harassment is mandatory viewing for women and men.

Why One Piggy Bank is Not Enough

The piggy bank is without a doubt the most common gift children are given to help them make their first steps into the world of money.

How do I get my organisation to support my development?

(And get financial support to attend training and development activities)

Women, Confidence and Alternatives to Faking it ’til You Make It

Confidence, we know when we have it and we know when it is absent but have you ever given thought to how ‘it’ arrives and disappears?

Business Is Not Leisure But Might Be Pleasure!

One of the biggest mistakes that are made socially can be miss reading the difference between leisure and pleasure.

Help, I Have A Work Dinner To Attend!

Work dinners are tricky to navigate.

Making Small Talk That Is Not Small Talk At All!

Do you marvel at those people who just always have something to say that’s insightful and precise and makes you feel really understood and heard? This is the art of small talk.

What’s in a word? Tips on how to improve your cover letters and CV

Last year I advertised a position vacant on one of the well-known online job search sites. Did the successful applicant do anything differently?

Didn’t get the promotion? 3 sure-fire signs that you are on the right career path.

Didn't get the promotion? Feeling like an impostor? Here are three sure-fire signs that you are on the right career path to the C-Suite, the boardroom and beyond.