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May 19 2020

Episode #12

Why dressing like a man is crucial to your career success

Apr 22 2020

Episode #11

Confidence, we know when we have it and we know when it is absent, but have you ever given thought to how ‘it’ arrives and disappears?

Apr 2 2020

Episode #10

Listen Up! You need to give these four-letter-words the flick, pronto. Because these words shout to the world “I’m not ready for that promotion, no matter what I say.”

Dec 20 2019

Episode #9

The current fashion for pleated skirts and the seasonal strong winds are not a match made in heaven. How to respond when your humanness (and your knickers) are exposed in a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Dec 5 2019

Episode #8

It’s that time of year when many of us have started watching our favourite charming, entertaining and sometimes horrifying festive films.

Nov 26 2019

Episode #7

Have you ever experienced the abject frustration of being spoken over, interrupted and overlooked in meetings? You can be heard and make your opinions count. Here's how.

Oct 25 2019

Episode #6

Didn’t get the promotion? Wondering what more you can possibly do? Questioning whether you really belong in your career? Read the 3 sure-fire signs that you are in your perfect career.

Oct 8 2019

Episode #5

A breath of experience – operational experience, travel, working at global or national levels, gets you out of your comfort zone and gives you a bigger picture. Let me tell you why.

Sep 25 2019

Episode #4

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make it in the C-Suite?

Sep 17 2019

Episode #3

"My empathy chip has been removed when it comes to women in middle management" said a seasoned Chief Operating Officer over dinner on a Wednesday evening. This conversation revealed some home truths about the things that hold women back in their career.

Sep 9 2019

Episode #2

We all have stories to tell. This is one of mine.

Jun 27 2019

Episode #1

My tale begins when I was a debilitatingly shy schoolgirl, the youngest of six girls in a family that did not see beyond traditional roles for women. Through my own story and my conversations with women in the C-Suite, I explore the secrets to success in the corporate world.